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    Wednesday, March 12, 2003
    More Nude anti-war protests.

    Former Miss Bulgaria is at least bring some class to the whole nude protest thing.

    Korea & Iraq
    Notice postings have been a bit short on lately so thought I would dive in with a couple of quick observations.

    Firstly, the US has pulled an interesting move on South Korea, threatening to withdraw it's troops.

    "While North Korea signals it will continue missile firings in an apparent attempt to draw the United States into direct peace talks, Washington has also begun a more subtle diplomatic brinkmanship of its own, intended to rally South Korea and other regional powers around its confrontation of the North's Stalinist regime…

    The US Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, said on Thursday that the US was studying ways of either withdrawing its 37,000 troops in South Korea, or shifting them further away from the Demilitarised Zone, the North-South truce line. "

    Now that truly is 'cat amongst the pigeons' (or should that be doves).

    Meanwhile, the US is struggling to get the support needed for a war with Iraq, despite new evidence emerging about Iraq's Chem-bio program. But one has to wonder about the politics going on in the UN. For instance, it's been revealed

    "Britain and the United States are claiming that UN chief weapons inspector Hans Blix left out an important "smoking gun" in last week's oral report that involved a huge Iraqi unmanned aircraft, The Times reported in London today….

    London and Washington were planning to demand that Blix reveal more details about the aircraft, which has a wingspan of 7.45 metres and would possibly be capable of delivering weapons of mass destruction.

    The existence of the aircraft was described in a 173-page declassified document that was passed around after Blix and chief UN nuclear inspector Mohamed ElBaradei delivered oral reports to a tense Security Council on Friday, The Times said. "

    Now I can sort of get why you might not mention this. Yes - large unmanned aircraft can be used as delivery vehicles for chem-bio weapons, but they are also extremely popular as recon platforms.

    However perhaps more disturbing was something else left out of the report.

    "As well, inspectors recently discovered a new variety of rocket that appeared to be designed to strew bomblets filled with chemical or biological agents over large areas, The New York Times reported yesterday, "

    The NYT version, which no longer appears to be publicly accessible, contained enough additional detail to make it fairly obvious the bomblets found with the rocket where not designed for conventional weapons, but rather for chem-bio distribution. This is reportedly all detailed in the full version of the recent Blix report. Yet somehow this, a fairly clear violation of the resolution to disarm, wasn't deemed worth putting on the headline report to the UN and the media? This is just getting ridiculous. I do woner what dirty secrets about Germany and France will be revealed if (when) the war is over. (I didn't include Russia since it is a well known traditional ally)




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